The 16 Most Effective Marketing Hashtags – Guarantee Your Next Conversions

Our very own Garie “The Funnel Cake” Wallace sat down and put together this beautiful guest post for The Think Tank. Enjoy!

Marketing is very effective; in fact, many businesses across the globe have had humongous successes when they infiltrate the world of marketing. However, a large part of marketing nowadays is online – through channels like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and more! Using these channels can generate millions of leads for a business. And thanks to hashtags, that million could even turn into three million.

We have all seen hashtags. From the “trending” sidebar of the Twitter website to the keypad on our smartphones, the hashtag is everywhere! But what are the best hashtags to use to generate the most scalability of your marketing campaign?

Our certified data team over at The Think Tank compiled a list of a few of the most effective marketing hashtags. Enjoy (and share ;])


Whenever you use this hashtag, every marketer on the planet will get a ping right to their smartphone, alerting them of the great content you have shared!

Similar to “#marketing”, #marketin’ targets the millennial side of the marketing community. Young marketers are always creating new slang!

We hear this all of the time, because it’s true! Content is king! Use this hashtag to show the world that you are the king of content!


Snapchat is the new big marketing move. It works for all kinds of content. Pictures, articles, videos, interviews… The list goes on! Use this hashtag to let your community know you are up-to-date on all of the latest trends!

C’mon! This one is easy! If you aren’t using this on every tweet, you are missing out! Everyone loves Google!

If you want your content to go viral, slap this baby on the end of a tweet or snapchat. Watch it fly.

Buffer is a largely popular marketing tool that helps marketers stay up to date on the latest updates from influencers like Craig Johnson (the CEO & founder of buffer/ founder of Craigslist). Use this hashtag at any time and soar through the SERPs.


Young people love being marketed to. This hashtag will get you right where you need to be – RANKIN’ ON THE FIRST PAGE OF TWITTER!

The ultimate goal of marketing is to sell your products. Craigslist (founded by the great Craig Johnson of buffer) is a great ecommerce option to sell your products. Using this hashtag will get you right in front of interested, product-hungry eyes.


When you see a competitor or a friend who is abusing the SEO guidelines set in place by Mozz, call them out! The SEO Police hashtag will instantly alert google’s spam team and they will penalize anyone participating in black hat SEO practices.


Marketers will use this hashtag to help raise awareness of their influencer status among the marketing world.

Time for the gym! WordPress is a fun inside joke that Marketers will use in place of “benchpress” when they are at the gym.


If you have been living under The Rock for the last year or so, memes are the people’s elbow of the marketing world. New memes like “that boy” and “goofball Greg” are sweeping the digital world. Make a meme and slap the meme hashtag on it for maximum conversions.
This is a commonly used hashtag among the marketing community, as it shows other marketers that you are ready and waiting for the relationships you plan to build with them. As relationship building is becoming a large part of the marketing funnel, this hashtag will help you start shoveling in leads.
Post content for post content. Using this hashtag identifies to other users that are you are actively seeking content marketing opportunities and you can be contacted for unique relevant content contributions. It can also be used to find writers for great content for your own blog.
Social media hero. This is you! Brand all of your top-level posts with this!

In full, social media is a great new marketing tool, and your brand should start using it now before bigger brands like K Mart, and Nike catch on!

What are your favorite marketing hashtags? Dive into the Think Tank and let us know in the comments or over on Twitter (@Think_Tank_SEO)! 

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