SEMRush Chat Round Up 5/18/16 – Why Digital Marketing Biz Fails

For those who don’t know, #SEMRushchat is a marketing and ROI chat that happens on Twitter every Wednesday at 11AM EST. There are millions of professional, and like-minded marketing gurus across the planet. It is a great opportunity for businesses and marketers to engage with one-another, build relationships, and spread knowledge.
This week’s topic was on how a digital marketing business fails! UH OH!
The Think Tank’ social team put together a few of our favorite and most influential answers – brought to you by the great folks at SEMRush & their community.  Enjoy!
Q1: What does the perfect digital marketing agency look like and why doesn’t it exist in reality?

 1h1 hour ago1 hour agoTim Fawkes Retweeted
Q1 recap from

Great answer, Tim!

 1h                                                                                       1 hour ago1 hour agoA1-We look for perfection which is fleeting. The Industry changes so rapidly as do the clients needs  

Client needs are key!

Q2: How can digital marketing agencies win new clients in today’s world?

 46m46 minutes ago46 minutes ago A2: By being Transparent about the exact strategies that are going to be implemented & by setting Real Expectations

Amel, CEO of MobiWevMedia, chimes in with some great knowledge of transparency!

 48m48 minutes ago48 minutes ago                                                                                 A2. Develop reporting tool for them with easy access. Client never open long docs and excel files.  


 5m5 minutes ago5 minutes ago A2: we schedule everything because things get busy sometimes and without a schedule, what’s to do?!

One of our own slaying this question!

46 minutes ago46 minutes agoA2: By being Transparent about the exact strategies that are going to be implemented & by setting Real Expectations

Q3: Which project management shortcomings prevent agencies from achieving their goals?

 Apr 27A3. Something very flashy and ostentatious may very well be stunning to the U.S., but piss off people in less ‘rich’ countries ]

Not really sure where Chris was going with this answer… but hey, love the innovation. LOL!

 41m41 minutes ago41 minutes agoMemphis, TN A3) Knowing what info is client fayyycing info and what should be handled internally. Tough balance when trying to be transparent

Michelle covers the importance of internal handling! Nice! 

Q4: Can any metrics prove to biz. owners that their agencies’ work is delivering satisfactory results?

 16m16 minutes ago16 minutes ago A4- Yes,Key communicate-discover what metrics matter to the client?From start. Each clients define success/failure differently.

Great answer to Q4!

 22m22 minutes ago22 minutes ago A4: …not every client has the same goal, and sales won’t be all you should be measuring. Brand awareness is also important.  

Traffic jam? more like great answer! Goals are always changing.

Q5: How can you prevent the point of no return when clients begin to doubt the effectiveness?

 13m13 minutes ago13 minutes ago A5: By consistently talking w/ your client you will be able to spot issues (& fix them) before they grow into bigger problems

Andrew grabs Q5 by the horns and answers this question beautifully.

Erika Heald Retweeted
A5 Take time to review what’s been working, what can be improved, and agree upon an updated plan.

YEAH! What Erika said!

Q6: What is the recipe for success for building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients?

Callis ‏@callis1987  2m2 minutes agoA6. Have conversations regularly; face to face, email & phone. Amazes me when businesses say their agency doesn’t talk to them. #semrushchat

Call your clients. Call your parents. Let everyone know you exist. Nice answer, Callis!

 6m                                                                                    6 minutes ago6 minutes agoA6: Continue to meet and exceed expectations. Be the contact contact contact contact that your client can trust to handle challenges with  

Boufford wraps up the chat with this brilliant answer. Thanks!

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