GROWTH HACKING 101: Influencer Marketing Doubled Our Traffic by 200% in Less than 24 Hours

A new study has shown that influencers are the most important people on the planet in 2016. In fact, these necessary, and vital social media heroes are more important than the President of the United States of America. We over at The Think Tank wanted to share the importance of engaging with influencers throughout your niche in order to skyrocket your social presence.
We are engaging with influencers across the digital marketing scene daily. We recently ran a question past the wonderful Sam Hurley about Snapchat, arguably the most influential of all marketing platforms, and the importance of Snapchat in marketing. He was able to give us a fantastic answer, which we then turned into a digestible Snapchat Marketing Q&A infographic.

How We Did It

We put on our influencer marketing Think Tank hats, and devised an award-winning influencer marketing campaign. Thanks to Twitter we were able to get our infographic in front of his influential eyes. Shortly after, Sam retweeted our Snapchat Marketing infographic out to his following – consisting of 120,000 interested people.   Within seconds, our website started generating traffic. Leads. Relationships. Everything was walking right into our front door. As you can see, our traffic is now exceeding our graph.

Seeing this graph, you can see that influencer marketing is a completely necessary growth hack if you want to succeed in the digital marketing world. 
So how do we do it?

STEP ONE: Find Influencers by Searching Hashtags and Twitter Lists, Reach out and Start Conversations, and Share Influencer’s Content

Thankfully we created a mega-list of marketing hashtags to use across any social media channel in order to find influencers in your market. Using these hashtags will help you expose yourself to many influencers across the world.
Searching for and being added to Twitter lists is an enormous accomplishment in the marketing community. We are a member across thousands of Twitter lists, and this enables us to find every influencer in a heartbeat.

STEP TWO:  Create Relationships, Ask for Help, and Shower Influencers in Compliments

Influencers love two things: quality content and compliments. Building relationships with these other-worldly beings will help you share your content with them, but don’t be afraid to ask for shares! Tell them how great you think they are, and thank them for what they have done to influence you.

STEP THREE:  Repeat. Get your Jetpack, Because You are Now Soaring Through the Digital Marketing World

 That’s it!

If you do this correctly, you will become the most influential individual in a short period of time. We did it in a day! Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@Think_Tank_MKTG) and let us know what you want to learn next! 

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