#MondayMarketer of the Week! #2


Last week we featured our first #mondaymarketer and now it is time for week two and this week after much deliberation and back and forth around the tank, we concluded that our #mondaymarketer is the UK’s own David “Content is awesome” Rosam! David the founder of SEO content heroes WRITING FOR SEO; a digital website where you can learn search engine optimization and content marketing! Of course David loves internet marketing, but that isn’t all there is to David. He also is a #foodie, wine lover, and his favorite kind of books are crime novels. he is a student of Choi Kwang Do, a registered audiophile, and a jazz nut. If you ever meet David, it’s best to bring strawberry ice cream, it’s his favorite. 

We connected and engaged with David during last weeks #semrushchat and we developed a very fun and engaging relationship that should flourish in the years to come. That is one of the best things about marketing is the connections you can make and this is shining proof. We’ve shared below a great example of how to be authentic, genuine, and act like a normal person when interacting with other users on Twitter.

Take a note from this kind of engagement fellow marketers and business owners, followers/following isn’t just about numbers, it’s about engagement and relationship building. If you aren’t already, be sure to follow David Rosam on Twitter and add him on Linkedin!


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