10 Cool & Refreshing Marketing Tweets From Influencers To Get Us Through This Heatwave

What do you think it takes to be cool? Sunglasses? Leather jacket? Air conditioning? A red sports car? Well guess what. YOU’RE WRONG. We at the Think Tank scoured the ranks of the Twitterverse to bring you 10 of the coolest influencer tweets to get you through the hot summer. Enjoy!

1. Coming from who else but our favorite Marketing Guru, Sam Hurley!

2. None other than the wonderful & insightful, Erika Heald!

3. For number three, Hubspot steps in with a great piece of CRM advice!

4. A great RT by Lolly Daskal – the wizard and owner behind Inc.com, Fast Company, Phych Today, & Huffington post!

5. Kerry Butters chimes in with her insights on the video marketing world!
6. Andrew Kucheriavy is the mastermind behind @ky4ep! Look at this fantastic use of hashtags!
7. Scott Ontiveroz has been on our radar for months. He is always  serving up new and exciting ideas!
8. Glen Wearden takes the eighth spot on our cool tweets list. With this quality content and those sunglasses, Glen could just be the coolest marketer in marketing in 2016.
9. The CEO of Growthhackers, Jonathan Aufray (coffee emoji) shed some light on the Twittersphere with this home run of a tweet! Talking about Facebook on Twitter? This is NEXT LEVEL LEAD GENERATION, PEOPLE!
10. The underdog of the marketing world, @MEOWCHICKENFISH! Gaily spreading the joy of of the latest marketing trend: Snapchat marketing! 
Be sure to give all of these lovely marketing whiz’s a “follow” and share this cool & refreshing list with your friends! We are all in this heat wave together! – The Think Tank


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