Chatsnap Round Up 6/8/2016

Chatsnap Round Up 6/8/2016 
It’s no secret that here at the Tank, we love to get social and engage with other users within our niche to discuss relevant topics and content, and today we had the pleasure of joining #chatsnap; a social marketing chat focused around Snapchat marketing. We wanted to highlight some of the brightest and best in the chat and give value to our readers. Here’s some of the best tweets that happened during today’s #chatsnap

A+ Answer from Chris and you can tell it’s very factual..look at those engagements! This kicks a**

Great use on hashtagging on snapchat as well as utilizing the fun snapchat filters and camera technology! 10/10 Sandra!

Snapchat was created to inspire others through relevant content and look at Dana telling it like it is! Plus that social engagement…HELLO

Business content is the best content for Snapchat. We love this! Plus it got a RT so you know it’s going viral! Thanks for the thought leadership Carl 

This was a really cool tweet because you could tell she was really engaged she was so excited she spelled night wrong. Sometimes social media is so real time and we get so excited we spell things wrong and you just have to say #yolo. Thanks for the great tweet Anna

Now there was plenty of other great tweets but these were some of our favorites! Can’t wait till next week! Same twitter time, same twitter place!


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