Monday Marketer of the Week #4

Monday Marketer #4: Martin Lieberman 

Here we are another Monday in the books and with every Monday, we want to feature another digital marketer who is leaving a real body count..and by body count we mean intelligent, user driven, insightful, and value driven content and insights. There’s a lot of marketers out there who can’t practice what they preach and are far too concerned with ROI and thought leadership, but do little to give back to their community, offer help and guidance, and overall just socialize. We see this far too often since we are highly social, lots of shouting and nothing more. Well..this isn’t the case with Martin Lieberman! This guy is a true marketing guru. He markets, he socializes, and understands a good conversation is a two way street! So we have chosen him as our Monday Marketer! Be sure to follow him on Twitter and here’s some great screen shots that show you just how much of a thought leader and influencer he really is! Way to go Martin, you’re a marketer for all!

Giving a shout out and a mention, we love it! 
Sharing a fun post about food; who doesn’t love food, and using hashtags related to food too! Double whammy! Not all marketers need to be strictly biz, and this demonstrates that and then yum! 
Engaging in a fun chat with insightful information that’s relevant to the audience! Using that thought leadership and putting it to good use! 
Promoting a healthy lifestyle, using a photo to get the know the marketer outside of marketing, and using fun trending hashtags like #TBT! Also using the #JPMCC he is able to connect with other athletes from the race! Talk about social media!


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