Content example: Being edgy to go viral

Content example: Being edgy to go viral 

You know the familiar phrase “sex sells.” Sometimes it’s appropriate, sometimes it’s really not, depends your audience and your platform..well on Twitter, you can bet your bottom that being edgy and controversial can help you go viral! We discovered this tweet blowing up our feed and it’s no surprise, look at that the RT’s and likes, it’s going viral and trending! If your tweet gets no interaction, it’s not going viral, but if it is, you have a piece of viral content that is gonna help you with leads & more!

Not to mention it references the sales funnel and content, two very popular topics in the marketing and business world so she’s increasing her reach to new audiences and users. Overall, this is a perfect example of how to be topical, relevant, AND edgy to go viral in marketing on Twitter! Way to go Brandy, you’re killing it and the Tank approves this post!

Be sure to give Brandy a follow on Twitter and tell her the Tank dove in!


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