Monday Marketer #5 "Maureen Jann"

Monday Marketer #5 Maureen Jann

It’s Monday so of course it’s time for our Monday marketer and this time after much discussion and swimming around in the Tank, we decided cohesively that our Monday marketer would be no other than Seattle, WA marketing elite Maureen Jann. We’ve engaged with her for a long time on Twitter in various marketing lead gen chats like #sproutchat and #bufferchat and really think she gets how marketing is and will be in the future. Her ideas are futuristic and adaptive, she utilizes the funnel-approach, is very user driven, and most importantly knows how to have fun! We’ve included some relevant tweets to demonstrate just what we are talking about! Enjoy and be sure to follow her on Twitter and Facebook!

Engaging in a relevant chat, using the hashtag properly, and being honest..never be too big to admit you’re late to a chat, just introduce yourself and wear the crown of shame, we all have! 🙂 

Participating in relevant industry trade shows, using the correct hashtags in multiple forms and sharing her excitement with a very human tone with the OMG’s. 

Automation is a very important part of regulating your sales funnel and leads are the bread and butter of ROI! Market segmentation is vital. This is a very intelligent tweet! 

Engaging with new users is an important part of marketing. Many fail to do so, but not Maureen. Giving a personal shout out, mentioning millenials and marketing in the tweet and inviting to a fun hang out for marketers, can you even get friendlier?! 

Replying to a mention..often a very overlooked tactic at social relationship making. Utilizing this best practice of thought leaders and including a hashtag. Upping the viral-content x10. Way to go! 
Tossing one of our best friends a RT, can’t help but love that! 

What are you still doing? Why are you still here?! Send Maureen a follow already! 



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