35 Need-to-Know Marketing Hacks of 2016

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Marketing can be a tough nut to crack. Everyday, thousands of businesses crack under the pressure of the online marketing world. In fact, in 2011 alone, 4,760 small businesses fell victim to this modern marketing dilemma.
We at The Think Tank are aware of how troublesome this may be, especially to a young, millennial entrepreneur in the deep sea of the business world. With this in mind, our research team scoured the internet to find 35 of the most influential marketing hacks, coming right from the source – the influencers themselves.
Don’t fall victim to the harsh realities of the digital marketing universe. Use these hacks, harbor endless leads, and don’t forget to have fun while you’re doing it!
  1. “Malware sucks; doubly so when it makes searchers less likely to trust search results” via Rand Fishkin
  2. “Share yourself on Twitter, be social and engaging, and you’ll find conversation. You don’t always have to be “helpful.” via Martin Lieberman
  3. “1 in 4 users abandon a web page if it takes longer than 4 seconds to load.” via Bryan Adams
  4. “Your SEO and Content Marketing efforts should always walk together hand in hand.” via Mike Bryant
  5. “I have found in the best chats- with thinking people- that conversations continue beyond and transcend the chat.” via Vince Skolny
  6. “The collaboration, & transparency between SEO, social media, Pay per click, and other tactics is the key to excellence.” via JP Sherman
  7. “spelling mistakes, poor grammar, auto faves, auto RTs, auto replies not being live is poor Twitter etiquette.”- David Cant
  8. “I think Google’s Larry Page is a collab leader who’s main focus is not in conflict resolution but business innovation. Via Janil Jean
  9. “Start an internet marketing firm. Make your slogan “We meme business.” via Gustavo Sorola
  10. “Someone posted a question about Twitter chats in one of my groups. I answered & then shared this link! Thanks!” – Debra Eckerling
  11. “Give an SEO $1k p/m budget and he will rank your site in 2 years. Give him $35k p/m and he’ll outsource the work and you’ll rank in 4 years.” via Kevin Bland
  12. “Social visibility can sometimes lead to more visibility in search engines. ie link opportunities, tweets in Google SERPs, etc” via Andrew James
  13. “PPC is excellent at creating clear ROI reports and keeping it about metrics. I try to use that mentality more often.” via Jacques Bouchard
  14. “I’m never off Twitter, always one eye on what’s cooking and talking to ppl & catching good info + sending virtual” – Zala Bricelj
  15. “Don’t miss out saving $200 on SocialPro. Rates go up this Saturday!” via Social Engagement
  16. “I’m just starting my personal brand and marketing career “ – Tyler Johnson
  17. “ Collaboration is key. To make sure our team’s on the same page, we use a #Scrum methodology & hold daily stand ups to check in.” via Kellie Elmerraji
  18. “On FB a good CTA could be to suggest to join a close group, build a tribe and nurture from there (of course some cmgr apply)” – Bruno Winck
  19. “Good industry directories will do no harm.” via Kerry Butters
  20. “Submitting to web directories is a vital part of every successful link building strategy” via Stacy
  21. “Ahem……..Auto-DM’s” – David B. Cuevas
  22. “Suns out, guns out” via Sam Boyce
  23. “Trying to get into snap chat (SnapGabrus) but since I mostly social media from the toilet this might get tricky.” via Jon Gabrus
  24. “God is in the restoration biz. Let Him restore your life, relationships.” via Pam Moore
  25. “Improve your snapchat marketing by surprising fans with promotions and perks.” via Christopher Tompkins
  26. “We’re at a 5000 Following limit. Anybody know how many followers we have to gain to be able follower more accounts?” – GirlsLikeUs
  27. “Facebook tops ROI list for marketers, snapchat is last.” via Mark Fidelman
  28. “Getting on Amazon is good for branding.” via Troy Lambert
  29. “It’s all about embracing the limitations to inspire creativity, that way you always evolve.” via Brian Fanzo
  30. “Fact: People that use video in their marketing increase their marketing success by 400%. Use #Instagram Video!” via Keili Raven
  31. “In our industry @moz and @SproutSocial do a great job of fostering community online.” – Julien Brandt
  32. “ADD ME ON #SNAPCHAT”- Markus Markus
  33. “Content is King, But Context is God” – Gary Vaynerchuk
  34. “If you haven’t used Periscope yet, start. Live video is hot. it’s one of the best ways to connect with your audience” – Madalyn Sklar
  35. “Grow your Twitter followers in 6 easy steps” – Allen Ruddock

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