Part 1: DIY and FREE ways to connect with Influencers


How often do we as marketers here “Use social media to connect with niche influencers?” A lot if you ask us! The hard part is do we do that? Often it seems very in-genuine or spammy, and we don’t that do we? Of course not! We want to be natural, real, and attention grabbing! In almost every white paper that discusses the value of networking and building relationships with influencers, there is no data on how to actually do this. They get bombarded with chatter and engagement all day..they’re an influencer! Here’s  some quick and easy tactics the Tank has uncovered that work to get connected with influencers!

1: What you know about being a subscriber? 

Sign up for their list, shoot them an email first, start crossing the relationship bridge.


2: Share their F****** Social Media Content

Share their content you connect with, add your own 2 cents, and also let them know you shared it. 2 heads are better than one right?

2 heads


Notice the 2 cents, mention, and share we’re going to give Peg Fitzpatrick in the tweet!

3: Comment Like Your Life Depended on it

Anyone can comment; often manipulated by black hat seo Spammers, but if you leave a good and thought-leadership or “KEEPING IT REAL” comment, you’re gonna make yourself stand out. Not to mention added value to the post. If you leave an evergreen comment, it will be there for the rest of time; unless removed by the admin!


4: Respond to Influencer Interaction and Develop the Relationship 

It’s important that when you’ve made an attempt to share an influencer’s content and they respond not leave them hanging. It’s like when your best friend goes to give you a high five, you don’t leave them hanging or you might lose the title of best friend! As shown above, we shared Peg’s content and added our 2 cents and it worked! We got her attention and she responded to us and followed us as well! We call that a 2 for 1 special around here at the Tank! So we did what any relationship focused user would do, we responded. We replied and then proceeded to continue and add some fuel to the conversation fire with some some questions and relevant to her interests/niche related questions.

That does it for Part 1 of our blog series on DIY & Free Ways to Connect with Influencers. Be sure to check back next week for Part 2. Please subscribe to our page for timely updates, exclusive email content, and more! Also be sure to follow on Twitter! Big shout out to Peg for helping us demonstrate how to get er done!


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