The Best and Brightest Influencers on Twitter in 2016


We believe one of the best ways to spread your brand and become a voice in your niche is by engaging with influencers. Influencers come in many shapes and sizes, from heavily networked and large scale users to smaller but engaged users that still hold a nice piece of the influence pie. We have created this list of some of the best influencers on Twitter based on detailed market research and participation.  So please read our top 50 Best and Brightest Influencers on Twitter as of July 2016; these are not ranked in order of importance, these are just 50 great influencers!

  1. Rand Fishkin. MOZ Founder, blogger, and all around mustache expert!
  2. Rebekah Radice. Branding super hero at Post Planner. Award Winner and Co Founder of #influencerchat
  3. Jeff Soto. Content editor at KW Social Media; cool Twitter cover photo!
  4. Marisa Sanfilippo Freelance content marketer. Works with great brands like SemRUSH, Huffington Post, and
  5. Mark Miller. Texas politician and social guru!
  6. Meagan Ewton. Media professional and editor wiz!
  7. Huib van Bockel  Founder of TENZING NATURAL ENERGY and the famous author of The Social Brand!
  8. Joe Pulizzi  Content marketing boy genius and author. Founder of Content Marketing Institute!
  9.  Dat Boi. Viral marketing power house. Shifted the social landscape in hours!
  10. Alison Herzog. Marketing director and digital strategy at computer kingpins DELL!
  11. Declan Connell. Video Marketing lord! Sweet haircut and toastmasters famous!
  12. Tripp Hamilton. Audiophile and the David Blane of the Internet. Director of SEQA at AngularSEM!
  13. Jeremy Rivera. SEO and daddy. Eager for employment and looks like Pee Wee Herman! SEO hot shot!
  14. Riva Brown. College educator and thrift store diva! #PRSSA Adviser
  15. Bill Gates. Seattle Computer Genius! What else is there to say? Always sharing great content and innovating the tech industry!
  16. Sean Si. Addicted to start ups and CEO of SEO Hacker! Always sharing beautiful SEO content!
  17. Josh Bachynski. Ted Talker, Google insider and Canadian marketing consultant and handsome fella!
  18. Rafael Patron. Growth hacking SEM Specialist and manager. Plus shares a name with a Ninja Turtle, HELLO!
  19. Lora Lufark. Geeky SEO Queen. Well versed in social media too!
  20. Dan Horton. SEO Consultant, PPC expert and always sharing great content! 10/10 Goatee.
  21. Matt Blay. Creative leader in British SEO. Designing the way the industry is going!
  22. Jim Summer. Shares his last name with the best season. Famous in Seattle SEO and open minded Christian. Wears a white hat; not THAT kind of white hat!
  23. James Patterson. Looks like Weird Al if Weird Al was handsome, SEO expert and is a surfer!
  24. Ahm. Top ranked SEO consultant on Google. Lives in Pakistan!
  25. Patricia Skinner. No relation to Principle Skinner, branding, marketing, and kindle publishing thought leader!
  26. Rebecca Palmer. Mom, passionate about millenials. Founder of EntreLaunch.
  27. Taylor Tomita. Content marketing influencer. Active in Twitter chats and plays in metal bands!
  28. Dan O Brien. CMO and content development w/ Blue Chief Social. Loves sports but isn’t a jock!
  29. Zala Bricelj. Product marketing and story telling expert. Loves to motivate others and very influential in Twitter chats!
  30. Sam Hurley. Growth hacker expert, social media BIG DADDY! He knows it all: SEO, PPC, SOCIAL, CRO. UK based and thought leader.
  31. Ray Akers. Entrepreneur and podcast expert. Loves Pokemon GO and calls himself the blind social media guy.
  32. Andrew Dennis. Content and link building blogger. Very active in the industry and gets published all over!
  33. Sherry Smith Gray. Biz blogger and content marketing specialist. Has been published on Huffington Post and
  34. Frank Addante. CEO of RubiconProject. Inc Columnist and advanced blogger. Great smile too!
  35. Lindsey Evans. Social media butt kicker! She loves gangster rap and lives in OHIO! Great gal!
  36. SEO Expert. Top level promoter of SEO, PPC, and social media campaigns. Also amateur model!
  37. Maria Johnsen. The dominatrix of SEO! Digital marketing mistress that is bestowing wisdom on us all! Whether we want it or not!
  38. Stewart Rogers. Analyst and speaking expert. You’ve prob seen his articles on Venture Beat. UK marketing top contender.
  39. He James. Amateur blogger with a great voice and interesting Twitter feed. Keep an eye out on her!
  40. Rachel the Redhead. Creator of the Haute Notes. Active Twitter chat participate. A very unique voice and proof that Gingers do have souls!
  41. Patrick Stox. Technical SEO Expert and NC Influencer. Published author and you’ve prob seen him on the conference circuit!
  42. Andy Drinkwater. UK Marketing who’s who! Active in fitness and even more active in digital marketing! Very engaging.
  43. Steve Case. Making marketing look easy! Great haircut, used to work at Dell, now works at Xerox. Runs the #Nostaligiachat
  44. Beau Graves. Famous bearded digital marketer. When he’s not influencing marketing, he’s being an avid foodie!
  45. Gemma Green. Editor of Phoenix. She’s been on Twitter since 2009. Communications expert!
  46. Janil Jean. Online blogger and graphic design ninja! She works at Logo Design Guru.
  47. Carrie Morgan. Author. PR expert. Content marketer. Founded #prprochat
  48. Ben Gibbons. The local goatee biz champion! Digital marketing is in his blood!
  49. Lindsay. Online blogging and social media dream boat! She’s always brightening up the Twitter feeds of users everywhere!
  50. Kevin Bland. SEO and marketing expert who tells it like it is and is based in the UK. Very opinionated and unique brand!

That’s it folks! A list of 50 of the top brightest and best infuencers on Twitter. Curious on how to connect with these users and start that relationship? Check this post here on how to boost your traffic and connections with influencer marketing.



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