PokemonGO Usage among Marketers


We spoke with several key influencers in the marketing niche to see if they’re using #pokemonGO as much as industry news articles are telling us we should. This is what they had to say!

Bill Slawski of GoFishDigital  “I’ve tried it out – it’s good to experience things that take the Web by storm like that.”

Helene  of HeleneInBetween “Nope”

Morgan Mandroita of Hawk and Pearl “Heck Yeah I do! Not as obsessed as the masses are though. Pokemon consumed my childhood although the game is totally different, it’s fun to be nostalgic.

Erika Heald formally of HighWire PR  “I’ve played around with a bit but I often run into 4G dead zones as I’m out and about in SF. 😦

Dawn Anderson  candidate of Move it Marketing  “I’m starting to become a fan. I like the idea of gamifying exercise.”

Stewart Rogers of Venture Beat “Of Course!”

Carrie Eddins of The Blond Entrepreneur “Heavens no, each to their own though 🙂 :):)”

Jennifer Sangalang of Florida Today “I’m a , level 4 on *sheepish*”

Amy Higgins of Zozi “I don’t, but I’ve been asking our ZOZI merchants how they use it.”



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