Top 13 Best Emojis for Lead Conversion

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Smart phones are changing how we engage on many levels, whether it’s in  peer 2 peer communications or how we travel the internet..which includes but isn’t limited to making purchases. E-Commerce is how a lot of us spend our time and money in 2016. A lot of marketers and businesses online are trying to figure out ways to make money and boost their leads and conversions and one way you can do this is through an emoji viral marketing campaign. That is a many-stepped process and the Tank is in fact going to present this over the upcoming months, but here’s the first step. identifying what emojis are the biggest traffic and lead drivers! After painful research and 2am analysis, we figured out what are the top 13 emojis for fully optimized lead conversion.

ios_emoji_face_throwing_a_kissONE: The #kiss. It signals you’re ready to take things to the next level and head to the second base of the sales funnel.

flat,800x800,075,fTWO: The #devil. It signals you have a wild side and like to cause a little trouble. Everyone loves a bad girl/boy and this shows users you aren’t afraid to let the rat out of the cage from time to time.


THREE: The #cash. It signals to people that you have money and you are ready to spend. Being that far down the sales funnel is like a golden ticket to businesses. You have disposable income and are ready to hear their elevator pitches and give them your money!


FOUR: The #x. This demonstrates that you are not ready! It’s the “Stop, hold up Marketer, save your time and energy for a more qualified user.” It’s what users do to help out other users to tell them that you are not interested and to save your resources for another user.


FIVE: The #veggie. This is a big green light letting others know you are vegetarian or vegan. This is a big opportunity for org’s catering to that customer demographics. When a user uses this, you know they don’t eat meat and it’s time to get them in the veggie funnel!


SIX: The #airhorn. This is the loudest emoji signal that can be used. It’s the equivalent to using all CAPS! Include this and the reader will either shout it out loud or internally read it as if it’s being shouted. It’s a real attention grabber and some marketers believe when using this, it propels users so far down the funnel they’ll be bordering on premature conversion!

SEVEN: The #lgbt. It signals you are a member of the #lgbt community. Either you or someone you know is LGBT and you’re a supporter! A big opportunity for any millenial marketing agency in 2016!


EIGHT: The #american. It signals that you’re an American citizen. You are authorized to do business and make purchases in the United States. The sales funnel is primed and ready for insertion.


NINE: The #tech. It signals you are a tech driven user. You love everything tech. Gizmos, gadgets, internet marketing, SEO, PPC, and more! Perfect for millenials and users in the tech-space.


TEN: The #zipper. This emoji signals that you like to keep your mouth shut. A big red flag for anyone online. Word of mouth marketing is as old as time and a vital part to any campaign’s success. If you see this emoji you know the user won’t be talking about or sharing your content. If a brand uses this, they’re telling users they would prefer they didn’t share it, keep it hush hush.


ELEVEN: The #leaf. This identifies that you are actually a Canadian user. Users including this in their content are proud to be Canadian and that’s a big win for customer research demographic data!


TWELVE: The #sick. This identifies that you are in need of medical assistance. A big win for medical/health brands looking to play doctor in the sales funnel.


THIRTEEN: The #bluelivesmatter. This identifies that you are a supporter of the police and law enforcement. There’s a big cultural divide currently in society and this takes a firm stance on where you stand on this social issue. This is a big win for brands marketing to racists, cop apologists, and legalized murder.


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