We Teamed Up With Matt Cutts to Fight Spam

tt plus matt

As digital marketing continues to become an ever-growing resource in today’s business world, us marketers often find ourselves being undercut by our arch-nemesis – the spammers.

Spammers come in all shapes and sizes, across all outlets of digital marketing;  Forcing their way to the top through the use of black hat SEO tactics, automated social media accounts, and down-right illegal practices.

No body hates spam more than us at Think Tank Marketing. In fact, we created the hashtag “SEOPolice” – which is used to report spam on Twitter.

However, there is one marketer who hates spam just as much as we do – Matt Cutts, ex Google Spam manager.

Thankfully, Matt Cutts and Think Tank Marketing have teamed up in order to fight spam, and bring our marketing world back to the high quality, relevant, and human-focused universe that it once was.

Matt Cutts Tank

As you can see, our good friend Matt Cutts was able to pass our report of very spammy link building practices up to the executives at Google. They are now further investigating the company in question, and they will be prosecuted according to Google’s findings.

If you have any webspam that you would like to report, please don’t hesitate to report it directly to Google.


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