10 Foods to Energize Your Marketing!


If you are a marketer, you understand you don’t just do it on a 9-5 or a 4-3 shift, you’re doing this day in, day out, all day everyday. It’s in your blood much like the color red! When you eat, sleep, fart, and breathe marketing, it takes a lot of your time and energy. But as Burt Reynolds always says, “that aint a bad thing right dude?” If you’re like us, you’ll often find yourself snackin’ mid day or grabbing a scoop of chili right before the big brainstorm sesh with your team! You need fuel for your marketing jet plain! We’ve been wondering and tossing some ideas back and forth. What are some good eats for marketers to give them that extra kick as well as leave their taste buds dabbing and loving every minute of it! Well after some audience research, internal analysis, and undone belts, we’ve come up with 10 foods that will help you energize your marketing and ensure your sales funnel is loaded and full of leads!



Fishsticks are fish in the shape of a stick. These are great because they’re inexpensive, quick to cook, and easy to grab! Plus fish is brain food and you need a good functioning brain if you’re gonna be marketing! A perfect grab snack on the way to the meeting with the CEO of your next biggest client!

2- Salad


Salad is often in the form of vegetables and dressing. Salad is pretty cheap, pretty healthy, and pretty fun! It’s a light meal that is super easy to make, and it gives off the image to other eaters that you are health conscious improving your brand image as well as your cholesterol. We call that a 2 for you!

3- Lasagna


Lasagna is loaded with carbs, meat, and other yummy ingredients that are to your human body like hashtags are to a viral marketing campaign! Grab a piece of lasagna and you’re basically typing out a tweet with the hashtag #seo on it! You’re ready to feel the energy and be rocking and rolling!

4- Clam Chowder

clam chowder

Clam Chowder is the perfect winter marketing meal! It’s warm and thick and white! It’s like snow but actually warm and delicious! When you’re all curled up next to your fireplace drafting up your next piece of #content, take a spoonful of chowder and as the chowder pours down your throat into your stomach, the leads will be pouring into your sales funnel!

5- Kale


Kale is nature’s keywords. They’ll give you a boost and are damn relevant to your body! Loaded with rich ingredients and energy! Pounds a plate of kale and watch your viral marketing brand do jumping jacks over the competition!



Top Ramen or Cup of Noodle whichever you prefer is the ideal meal for a busy marketing intern. It’s practically free and is a real cost cutter since like most interns, interns aren’t being paid so your money will be slim pickings. Plus Ramen comes in all sorts of fun flavors and you can eat it both cooked or dry, talk about diversity!

7-Tomato Sandwich


A tomato sandwich is the perfect sandwich for any young marketer! It takes 30 seconds to make; don’t worry, we timed it, and cost a fraction of the cost of one of the more “popular” sandwiches the Club sandwich. All you need is some mayo, some tomatoes, butter, and bread! Pretty cheap and pretty good! Slap one of these little doo doo’s together, scarf it down and you’re ready to take LinkedIn by storm!



Chili is just good. Enough said!

9-Veggie and Fruit Smoothie


A veggie and fruit smoothie is the best way to get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients if you aren’t the biggest fan of eating raw vegetables or fruit! Super fast, super fun; it can be noisy so you might need earplugs, but totally worth it! You can drink it on the go since like most marketers, you’re super busy! Plus smoothies can often carry as much energy as a cup of coffee or a can of monster! How cool is that?!

10-Steak and Potatoes


The final big daddy of them all, the Rand Fish of energizing marketing food! You have your protein, your carbs, all the essential fats and calories! At the tank, we tend to have this meal 2 if not 3 times a week; in particular when we’re working late hours and really could use the extra boost to knock out the content ya know?

Well there you have it folks, 10 foods to boost that marketing energy! That PLUS your team’s synergy will be a force to be reckoned with. Now we have to ask, what will you be trying first? Share with us in the comments below what you cooked and if it helped give you that extra boost of energy you needed to position that last lead into your funnel!



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