The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Social Media


Social media marketing is an essential part of any businesses’ marketing strategy. Whether you are a young start up having to decide if you can afford a totinos pizza or a copy machine, or a true ecommerce power house like How you engage on social media can play an important role in whether or not you see relationships, leads, and conversions or dissatisfied users and possible account penalization and terminations. We wanted to share some of the recent tweets we saw that were both good, bad, and ugly. Let this be a lesson to you..always be wise when social media marketing.

The Good


Our friend Dan Spicer sharing some fantastic and relevant info regarding marketing heavyweights Kik. Very audience driven and relevant, adding value to any marketer’s Twitter feed!


The content diva Julia McCoy going viral with her trending use of the current #harrypotterday craze. Plus who doesn’t love personal visuals? This is what social media is about!

harry potter

We loved that Jacqi mentioned the source of the article and used hashtags. Talk about a double hit of social media marketing tactics!


We love when marketers take a stance to believe in. Sjoerd is taking a positive stance on gender issues and helping push the industry forward. Keep up the good work!


Connecting offline from online is vital to campaign success in the real world, and Adam is doing just that. Letting his followers know where he will be at for a possible connection and maybe more? Who knows!

adam t

Using hashtags, discussing influencers and customers all in one tweet, does it get any better? Anabella is killing it!

quote of the day

We love when users aren’t afraid to show their sensitive side. Not everything is muscles and flexing in marketing and Veronica shows just that by informing users that she is actually crying while tweeting! We love the marketing honesty!


Sharing your thought leadership is important even if no one bites. Who didn’t burn their first pancake? Part of marketing is never giving up and offering your help to drive home value and our friend Jeremy is doing it time and time again! What doesn’t work once, he keeps it up and we respect the heck out of him for it!


Sharing some post chat feedback and sentiment. Connecting the dots with social media marketing like our pal Debi always does!


Something that is often overlooked when sharing other users content is the pleasure side of things. Neal didn’t forget and that is vital for innovation!


Using pop culture in social media is a one way ticket to viral success. Guy gets it and look at him master this art with this tweet referencing Jack Nicholson in Batman Forever!


The Bad and The Ugly! 


Now here is a couple examples of really really bad social media marketing that you should never do. This tells users that you don’t know about marketing, and the only thoughts you are leading are in the opposite direction of where you want to be going to..success. It’s like you have a sales funnel but the only thing you are filling it with is worms..not leads!

bad marketing 1

This is blatant spam and solicits illegal sexual activities. If you want to conduct sexual acts online, stick to websites like or backpage. Twitter is a place of relevance, not act like this! No thanks marketers!

bad marketing 2

As you can see, Aaron doesn’t even know how to tag a user in a reply, we think he may be using a bot, or is a bot account. His profile photo looks like a stock photo head shot. This account is 99% used for lead generation and black hat spam.

bad marketing 3

As you can see, Ray just spams auto replies with different emojis to users. Now as effective as emoji marketing is; as referenced in a post we published recently here, he is just not caring about anyone about himself. Focusing on quantity over quality, his emojis aren’t heartfelt, he is just spamming them. We wouldn’t be surprised if you engage with him, are added to an email list, and spammed til the cows come home!

bad marketing 4

Selena just spammed #contentchat. The topic was not about dieting or weight loss. Using a fun and relevant chat to try and generate traffic to her blog. No thanks! That is the tactic of a marketer that wears a black fedora and we aren’t talking about fashion..we are talking black hat seo!


The whole point of social media is to be social, build relationships, market, and see what follows. As you can see David only cares about tweeting and not engaging as can be seen by ZERO follows and only ONE follower. Please refer to his entire profile and strategy as what not to do unless you want to file for future bankruptcy like Hastings Entertainment out of Texas has.

That’s all folks, hopes this helps shine some light on ways you can succeed at social media as well as fail! 


3 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Social Media

  1. Well I guess my Twitter and internet career is over…
    I have been branded.
    I didn’t think that at the age of 61 out of work and almost ready for retirement, with no technical skills but looking for a way to supplement a modest retirement income using the internet would come to such an abrupt end. I mean after all I can’t in all good consciousness go on now that it is known that I am a spammer! But a little bit from my perspective first if you please.
    When the internet was taking off as I was retiring after 21 years of service I became intrigued with the idea of making money from home. Through the next 22 years while working for corporate I tried in vain to make that happen. I am not that gifted or talented a person. I know only what I know and can do only what I can do.
    One of the things I can do is use a little know program called Paint Shop Pro. It has most all the features of Photoshop but without the cost. With the introduction of emoji to the social stream it wasn’t long before they became more 3D in appearance. I managed somehow to create the EmojiNote image using these 3D emoji and a person’s Twitter Bio along with text to create a way to engage.
    Currently I have made over 3000 EmojiNote images and 80 percent of those have been for thanking someone else for connecting with me not the other way around. So there is 80 percent that is not spam. The rest? Well let’s see. I make one separately for each re-tweet or mention/quote. So there is about another 15 percent give or take a few. And I also give shout outs to those who have the most likes and re-tweets for trending hashtags. Plus, I have added a newish feature to my header showcasing my follower. I am working to make it a bit more professional looking. And none of this is automated! I sit with my laptop (my choice) for at least 12 to 16 hours a day. I create each image individually.
    All in all, I don’t really feel like I am a spammer. If I feel anything at the moment is sad for to person or persons that haven’t taken the time to become acquainted with the person, me, they are blogging about. I mean after all isn’t that what social means in part?
    Ray Berard – Creator EmojiNote

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