Failing with Snapchat Marketing? Try Instagram’s New Stories Feature!

snapchat vs instagram

If you have been part of the marketing world for any part of the last year, you know that Snapchat marketing is the new craze. Across all industries, marketers have been mashing their heads together, trying to break into the world of millennial marketing.

However, the truth is: everyone is failing. Snapchat marketing has been spiraling head first down a vortex of laughable flaws.

Thankfully, Instagram – everyone’s favorite photo & video content sharing platform – has stepped in; introducing their new  Instagram Stories feature with a cutting edge idea. This is a new feature that allows a marketer to share all of the moments of their day in a fun, interactive slideshow for their following.

instagram stori

This is a ground breaking trend that any digital marketer needs to hop on board with right now.

This will allow you to engage in real-time with your community, much like you can with Snapchat – without the painful embarrassment of being a Snapchat marketer.


Here is what you need to know about Instagram’s new, unique Stories feature:

  • Photos are viewable for a maximum of 10 seconds.
  • Stories posted will be removed after 24 hours.
  • You can shoot photos and videos directly from the app, or upload photos from your camera.
  • You can draw on the photos before posting to the Stories.
  • Followers can swipe up to reply to your Stories.
  • You can see who viewed your story.


Snapchat marketers beware. Instagram is taking over – and we couldn’t be more excited.

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