4 KPI’s To Keep Your Eyes on for Social Media


Social Media or social internet marketing is an important part to any digital marketer’s assassination of the competition. It’s the best and cheapest way to get hungry customers and users within your niche to get to know you and your brand! There’s tons of ways you can leverage social media to engage with your audience and gain a clear competitive advantage. Check out some of the resources listed at the bottom of this article on tactics to take your social media marketing from 0-infinity!

Getting back on track though, social media is a sure-fire way to amplify your ROI, brand reach, momentum, traffic, revenue, and overall..your business! Wow, is that a mouthful?! How do you measure all of this? What should you track? Do I need to just look at our bank accounts? Not exactly marketing novice. There’s much more to it, but don’t worry, we have your best interests at hand! To start, ask yourself some questions:

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  • Am I engaging with thought leaders/influencers?
  • Are my social media followers converting and going into my sales funnel?
  • Am I reaching the right kind of users?
  • Are my followers/engaged members falling for my CTA’s and doing what I want of them?
  • Is my content marketing being reshared and going viral?
  • Am I obtaining white hat links via social media?


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With all of this being put on the floor, let’s look at the 4 primary KPI’s of social media that you need to be aware of.


So what are these 4 KPI’s? That is what marketers keep asking us and we are here to tell you!

LEADS: Users that visit your website via social media that are potential customers.
REACH: Reach measures the spread of a social media conversation. On its own, reach can help you understand the context for your content. How far is your content disseminating and how big is the audience for your message? Reach is a measure of potential audience size.
ENGAGEMENT: Engagement can be defined and measured in many ways. In the simplest terms, engagement is the interaction between people and brands on social networks. For example, on Facebook, engagement includes likes, comments and shares
CONVERSION: A customer that has purchased your product or service or in some way has provided ROI for your business.

thats all folks

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