Top 10 TV shows that featured SEO in their plots


Many..many TV shows feature business related themes, and it recent years, social media in particular. There’s tons of horror movies related to social media as well, in particular the blockbuster movie, Unfriended! However, how often do we see SEO in movies or tv? Not so much but have no fear, after hours and hours of research and digging, we found several mentions of SEO in some of our most popular tv shows. Sure, SEO might not be as sexy as Facebook story, but that doesn’t mean it’s not any less gripping or powerful!

1. Friends Season 3. Episode 12


Rachel attempts to get a job as an SEO content marketer but is put on a probationary term having to conduct cold calls from her home. The results are rather humorous!

2. Frasier season 8. Episode 1


This was a great opening to the 8th season. Fraiser has a website built for him in the previous season but season 8 starts with him finding out his site was deindexed due to the agency he hired performing black hat tactics. Some really clever Google tie-ins. We wonder if they had to pay for advertising.

3. Jeopardy

Contestants on Jeopardy were asked for the daily double “What does Jeopoardy” stand for. The best answer was “Standard Equality Organization.”

4. The Tonight Show/ Jay Leno.

jay leno
The Tonight Show did a week segment on internet marketing key speakers and Rand Fishkin was a special guest discussing then, start up,

5. That 70’s show. Season 2. Episode 8


Hyde when discussing with his friends about the possibility of a tool or device very similar to the internet. Quite interesting how some of the most innovative thoughts come at the most random times!

6. Law and Order SVU season 8. Episode 4. 

Law & order svu learning curve ice-t  2

This team was on the hot trail of a black hat organization that ripped off several thousand dollars from clients and one client murdered the firm’s CEO and this was the former employee coming forward with Ice T.

7. Mr Robot. Season 1.Episode 2.


Mr Robot blew the world away, and apparently Christian Slater believed that his SEO virus was going to make several industry influencers be forgotten.

8. 7th Heaven. Season 3. Episode 11.


7th Heaven was the first American TV show to publicly bring attention to the idea that many SEO start ups are appealing to young women and many CEO’s engage in illegal sex acts.

9. The Office. Season 7. Episode 14.


In this episode of the Office, Michael and Tony are having a sit-down to discuss HR related instances and we get a brief glimpse into some of the reasons Michael isn’t quite as business savvy as he has lead on..he engaged in SEO spam in the 90’s.

10. America’s Most Wanted. Season 1. Episode 7.


This was the first public appearance of an SEO related crime to be broadcast on television..the first of many to come. SEO was a big media attention grabber on AMW and many of the criminals featured on the show were former employees of the SEO black hat network.

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