The Femmennials Take On Content Writing Chat – 8/9/16


It is not every day you witness a hashtag be brought to life.

Our social media manager, Lexi, created a magnificent hashtag: #Femmennial.

This hashtag was created to help unite women in the marketing world.  After all, girls just want to have fun.

And they did just that in today’s #ContentWritingChat – hosted by the great Express Writers team.

So what are today’s Femmennials talking about in the marketing world?


cwc ru 1

What is “Duplicate Content”? Define.



The beauty behind Copyfind chimed in with this in-depth look at duplicate content! You go, Girl!



cwc 2

How important is it for you to make sure you’re publishing only original content? 


Brittany Swooped in with this fantastically-stated answer! Gotta love her!



Does syndication ever cross the line of duplication?


Copyfind again with a brilliant response!



If you’re using someone else’s quote/idea in original content, how do you properly source?


Zala is a long-time marketing hotshot! This answer proves that. Girl Power!



Define canonicalization. Should you use it to tell Google you hav epages that look the same?


Copyfind immediately gave us the rundown on canonicalization. Wow!!!



Are you monitoring to know if others are scraping your content? What tools do you use?


Our new best friend Christie layed down the law with this perfect response!



What do you do if someone copy/pasted & is using your original content without permission? 


Again, Christie doesn’t take lightly to duplicate content! Wise words, Christie!


If you are a woman in marketing, be sure to use the #Femmennial hashtag on Twitter / Instagram to be added to our group!


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