How Madden NFL 2017 Can Generate SEO and Traffic for your Business


Football is an exciting element in today’s sports-loving society, and Madden NFL 2017 is already revolutionizing the way the world sees American football. The Madden games of the past have generated users of all ages – young and old! The best part is, these users use local businesses in between games!

Recently, gaming has had an enormous impact on the business world. We recently wrote a case study on the last gaming craze – Pokemon GO. Furthermore, the game “Instagram” actually had a recent update that has made it much more fun for its users as well. These games have shown to increase a business’s foot traffic by the thousands.

So how exactly does Madden NFL 2017 play into this? How can your business gain website traffic from this game? Here are a few ideas!


Advertising to Millennials and Boomers Alike

Football fans absolutely love advertisements. Beer, food, hunting, or a combination of all three – you advertise it, football fans buy it. Being a $4,000,000 industry, Madden NFL 2017 is an advertising hotspot for a small business. If this new game is not part of your business’s advertising budget for 2017, you can kiss your business goodbye (it is not too late! Call your boss right now)!


How to Generate Search Engine Optimization

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you know a thing or two about the wonderful world of Search Engine Optimization (if not, we suggest you take a look around our blog!). Yet, many businesses are going to fail to utilize Madden NFL 2017 within their SEO efforts. Check this out: performing a quick search, I can already find a fantastic SEO opportunity for your business.

what is football

If your business is utilizing your blog (news flash: you definitely should be in 2017!) you could easily write a 300-500 word piece of evergreen content, discussing what exactly football is. Once the game is released, there will be an enormous influx in users searching for the term, “what is football?” If you are at the top of the search engine results page, you may just become the most successful business in 2017.


Branding Your Business for Success

Once you have generated some SEO to your website, it is time to take the next step. Brand your business for the Madden NFL 2017 fans. Make your business appeal to them. Remember what we talked about before? Football fans love three things: Beer, food, and hunting. Does your product appeal to this group? If not, it is time to hit the drawing board! Come up with a fun, football-themed product to market to the masses!


It is not too late to jump on the Madden NFL 2017 hype train! If you are in need of help, subscribe to our newsletter for further updates!


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