10 Hashtags to Boost ROI by 54%




Hashtags are one of the best ways to connect w/ users on social media. Social media can be a powerful tool to generate leads/customers/conversions. Some people think the best way to get money is with a hand gun and a ski-mask at a local bank? Not us! We believe in hard work, networking, marketing, and relationship building. Hashtags are one of the ways to help achieve these goals. We have used these at the Tank and can’t speak highly enough! Hope they help you increase your ROI as they have for us!

  • #gamechanger
    You are signaling to other users that change is ahead and you are on the forefront of technology and industry updates.
  • #anal
    This stands for aligned net-workers against laziness. You are making a public stance to stand up for hard work and not take the easy way out..like so many marketers do with black hat seo.
  • #pos
    Point of Social. Including this hashtag is a call out to users who are spamming their social media feeds. It’s like asking them “What’s the deal spammer?”
  • #funnelme
    Using this hashtag means you are ready for leads and you want business. Send the leads your way, your funnel is ready!
  • #marketing
    Use this hashtag to connect with marketers. It’s an exclusive industry focused hashtag that’s not to be taken for granted.
  • #keyparty
    This is a popular hashtag among wordpress site designers. It’s a great way to connect with other developers and designers. The keys to any website are home to the website’s designer so what better way to connect?
  • #kill4seo
    Using this hashtag tells users that your one true love is SEO. Many marketers enjoy SEO but not many would kill for it. If SEO is your true passion, use this hashtag!
  • #confused
    When a user is using this hashtag, they are seeking help and advice. Your brand can offer help and you could have just snagged a customer for life.
  • #ihavemoney
    When a user is telling others that they have money, you can smell a potential conversion. It’s your time to hit them with your product info/sales pitch. That money could be used on your product or services. Time to sell!
  • #bdsm
    This stands for Breaking down social media. When a user uses this hashtag, they are seeking social media help and understanding. It’s time to share your expertise and educate/give back to your marketing community!



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