10 Need To Know Marketing Content Sources


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Finding great content and where to stay up-to-date on marketing information and the industry can be pretty overwhelming and as great as some of the industry leaders are like Moz, Marketing Land, and MSN are, sometimes you’ll find it hard to find really personal beliefs and opinions because they are there to serve the masses and help as many as possible; I mean they are marketing thought leaders, so sometimes some of the best content and blogs are the smaller or more localized blogs, and it’s where we learn and stay current. Based on what our team is reading and following, we pooled this top 10 list of great content sources for your marketing efforts. Please enjoy, reshare if you’re inspired, and never stop marketing!

1-Always Content, Never Content

The blog and thoughts of marketing mastermind Mike Myers. Blog features up-to-date content on #contentmarketing, copy writing, advertising, and everything in between. Subscribe via email and love it as much as we do!

2-Community Works

We came across this blog via our friend Kelly Hungerford and what a find this was!  Their blog/brand showcases strategic social media and community building strategy for entrepreneurs, startups and small-to-mid sized businesses! Perfect kind of content for both us and our readers! Be sure to follow.

3-Jacques Bouchard

Came across this blog after engaging w/ Jacques on Twitter; go figure :D, and was blown away by the attention to detail and thoughts shared on this blog. If you are into digital marketing strategies and personal insight, give it a read!

4-Growth Hackers Blog

Discovered this fun blog from Irene Sun on Twitter. Talk about a power house of information a fun and easily digestible format. Are you into ramping up your marketing campaign? Want to work smarter but not necessarily harder? Well get off you a** and follow this blog!


Our good friend Susan Dolan clued us on her site and wow talk about good content. Do you need to learn more about marketing; specifically SEO & link building? Here’s a good place to start. It’s pretty much a go-to for us at this point!

6- Wikipedia

Wikipedia has it all honestly! We’re always learning and figuring out new tactics to take a place we always start is wikipedia to better familiarize ourselves with a niche. Plus the foot notes lead you on a true path of enlightenment!

7-Keener Strategy

Our friend Andrew Kenner has a great blog that’s pushing the envelope on marketing and digital expertise. Don’t believe us? Give it a read!

8-Boom Social

If you’re on social media, you HAVE to be aware of Kim Garst. She’s a best selling author and the CEO of Boom Social! Always sharing great content, interesting ideas, and getting social! Looking to have an edge on your social media presence? Look no further!

9- Eric Tung’s Blog

Great marketing content that’s really making traditional marketing experts question if they’re stuck in their old ways, or if they’re ready for the digital revolution. Give it a read and get a hug while you’re at it, Eric loves to give those out :).

10- Top Dog Social Media

Discovered this top selling marketing blog through Melonie Dodaro or as we call her, the LinkedIn mistress! Follow this blog if you’re looking to beef up your marketing strategy, especially LinkedIn; the social media lead funnel power house!









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